Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Ghana


Today I started reading about the next country on my itinerary. Togo. And then I looked ahead a bit, into Benin.

Aha. There's a big stilt village in Benin. Much bigger and not as out of the way as the one I was interested in on my Ghana leg.

So I'm revising my Ghana itinerary already. Now it's:

April 6: Kumasi to Cape Coast.

April 7: Cape Coast.

April 8: Accra.

April 9: Accra. (visa stop)

April 10: Accra to Lome (Togo).


Miriam Nadel said...

Ganvie, the stilt village in Benin, is indeed easy, though my boatman got into a fist fight with another guy over who owned the motor for the boat. You might also be interested in Ouidah, which has a lot of sites associated with the slave trade.

By the way, I thought that Kakum National Park with its rainforest canopy walk was pretty much the obligatory tourist attraction of Ghana. And, in Accra, it is worth a visit to the coffin makers. That sounds strange, but the fantasy coffins are really intriguing.

Marie said...


I saw a photo of the coffins. That is a must-see!

So you did the rainforest canopy walk? Did you find it interesting? I don't feel much interest in it from here, but surely that will change once I get on the road.


Eliza Reid said...

Hi Marie - I did the canopy walk in Ghana and "liked" it, but really only because I am so afraid of heights and wanted to face the fear. Thought the Ganvié was alright, but nothing too special. Definitely visit Abomey in Benin, though. Bon voyage!

Miriam Nadel said...

I did the rainforest canopy walk, largely out of peer pressure (and facing the fear of heights). There is not actually a lot to see, as you are above the canopy, but it was interesting talking to locals on a school trip after the walk.

I think a lot of why I liked Ganvie was that it was the only place in Benin with a breeze!