Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lake House

My mother and her husband scored a beautiful investment property on a lake.

You can see why they bought it. They got it for a great price due to some foreclosure-type situation that I don't totally understand.

But here's the funny thing... while the house is perfectly situated, an hour or so from DC, and has great picture windows, fireplaces, lots of room, and a great room with a peaked ceiling, it was oddly decorated. They'd gotten rid of the pink walls by the time I'd gotten there, but some of the fixtures and rose wallpaper are still in place.

You know how when you first get a house, you plan to make all kinds of changes, and some get made and some don't? I wonder what will end up staying.


Susan D-L said...

I love the cutlery embedded in the wall. I'd keep that.

Am uncomfortably familiar with 'we'll get-THAT-changed right-away' intentions. Bought our house in '92 and didn't get around to making much improvement on the original interior decor until three years ago. Inertia is a terrible thing.

Still, this is a lovely place, rococo and all, and environs. Color me envious.

Kevie Metal said...

Some of us gut the house and then let the inertia set in.