Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Because Cakes Move...

Marc shot this Bundt Day documentary to show me the HD video quality of his ZS3 point-and-shoot.

I ordered one this morning. A ZS3, not a Bundt. I have enough Bundts.


Marie said...

Seems kinda squashed, don't you think?

jack said...

a little _too_ 16x9..

"tunnel of bundt" makes me chuckle

John Bligh said...

Because it is. Fix that aspect ratio!

Marc Siry said...

Did it look that way in iMovie, or only after upload?

robert said...

Too Dark to see the cakes well.

The squashed aspect may be due to the settings of your flash player. You may be able to specify the size and allow the video to be "maximized".

I haven't used FLV player, I've used http://flowplayer.org/

You also could have dropped the resolution too much when converting to flash.

Either way, I'm still hungry.

Pville Peg said...

Great sound quality, but the picture seemed dark on my monitor -- I was disappointed that I couldn't see Gypsy at all.
The presentation and narration was (of course) fabulous.
My big disappointment was not the fault of the camera -- I want to taste the bundts!

Might we get the yam cake recipe? I know a dog who deserves a special cake, too.

Marie said...

I won't have any time to troubleshoot the settings until the weekend. It looked squished in iMovie too, I think, though I tried both Standard and Widescreen. I need to fiddle with it.

Marc, yours aren't squished are they? I also exported it to Quicktime and made it a DV first. So I have three places to troubleshoot... iMovie, Quicktime, and Flash.

But I'm not doing squat for the moment. I'm tightly scheduled and currently operating in a near-state of fury at people who have been suddenly drop things in my lap.

Marie said...

Duh, just worked it out. I had to convert from the ACVHD to something I could import. It was probably in my conversion software.