Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shopping at BCN

In the weird-but-true department...

I was just in a Barcelona boutique and I stumbled over a Daniel Johnston "Hi, How Are You" frog T-shirt.

People who have known me a long time will remember I wore one of these frequently some 15 years or so ago. I still have it, but I'm not so into boxy T-shirts, so it sits in a bag along with my Tattoo You concert shirt, my Slacker T-shirt, and my Otis Ball T-shirt from the early 90s. Or whenever it was.

Daniel is way more popular now than he was in the early 90s, but here's the weird part.

The shirt is branded as a Kurt Cobain shirt. Cuz he was seen wearing one on a number of occasions.

That seems a little odd to me.

(I'm just trying to distract everyone from my shopping expedition here. I bought 9 shirts today. None of them "Hi, How Are You.")

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