Saturday, June 20, 2009

Moving Right Along

If you've been reading the comments, you already know I was planning to take the room at the Dar El Hana. I sent in my Paypal deposit today! I'm psyched.

The trip is going to go something like this:

-Barcelona for a few days, stay in same flat as in March.
-Fly to Malaga, Spain. Train-bus combo to Algeciras port.
-Ferry to either Tangier or Ceuta.
-Bus or share taxi to Chefchaouen.
-Cheap hotel overnight in Chefchaouen.
-Bus or share taxi to Fez.
-Later in the week, either an overnight train to Marrakesh or day trains broken up in Rabat.
-Couple of days in Marrakesh.

This place in Marrakesh has sale rooms for 30 euros a night right now, but I haven't looked around enough yet to know if I want to stay there or if I want to get somewhere closer to the center, or maybe even a newish hotel with a pool.

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