Saturday, October 29, 2005

What About..?

Shannon Wheeler offered me a really good title.

Travels With Myself.

What do you think? (Bear in mind that my understanding is that publishers usually change titles anyway.)

I e-mailed Shannon that that title did not say "Africa."

"It isn't about Africa. It's about you."

He's right. I'll still need a subtitle that says something about Africa, and I don't know if anyone else will like the title, but I sure do.


Ed Ward said...

You have a title. Subtitle might be the title of this blog, or...wasn't there another one that was almost good as a title?

Ask him what I should call my music book now. Clearly the man's got talent.

Steve Buccellato said...

What about: TRAVELS WITH MYSELF: Before and Africa.

Like how creative I am with other people's ideas?

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,

If you raft the Nile near Jinja stay at the Bujagali Falls with NRE. Also you should stay in town just one night if you haven't been Jinja yet. Why? I lived there for about a month last spring at the Backpacker's (tell Nash and Patrick I said hello) and Jinja, is, well, Jinja. Its a quirky place, the source is worth it, even if its not really the source. Also the restaurant 2 Friends will deliver a pizza for 10k shillings to the backpackers, not bad at all.

Anyways "Before and Africa" sounds good now but you won't like it later. "Travels with Myself" is too bland (Hope I'm not too harsh on that but...) I like your intro though. And I'm intrigued by your life. Any tips for those of us who are dreaming of the same thing (beyond writing like a maniac). For instance how did you find the Marvel gig? How do you find your freelance gigs now? These are simple questions but if you have that 2 Friends pizza you'll think nothing of them. Take care and safe travels.


Marie Javins said...


Coincidentally, an old pal has turned up back in Jinja... and he works for Nile River Explorers! I thought he'd gone back to the UK, and he had, but he's back in Jinja now. So I'll give it 2 nights (I'm lactose-intolerant and don't do pizza).

I've been to two sources of the Nile so I guess this will make it my third. As for Marvel, ugh, surely there's an interview somewhere that already answers this... don't make me re-live it!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Marie,
Amanda Castleman here, a friend of Ed's. Was Sarah Wheeler riffing on "Travels with Myself and Another," written by Martha Gellhorn (a pioneering war correspondent, as well as Hemingway's ex and an ardent fan of Africa)?

The joke's subtle, but pretty funny from where I sit (Seattle).

Happy travels and writing.

Marie Javins said...


No, it wasn't a riff. No joke. Shannon (male) just thought of a good title. Unfortunately, it's already taken.

But still, nice to see you, Amanda.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed my slick travel-writer Freudian slip there: Shannon, not Sarah. Duh. Apologies all around.