Sunday, March 25, 2018

West for Work

I headed down to Wondercon for the DC Super Hero Girls panel. Most of the creative team was there, and my job was to moderate their panel and keep them on-track.

We had a marvelous time celebrating this incredible achievement—only the best in super hero graphic novels for little girls. After years of making comics for kids via Kuwait, making more comics for kids made sense for my next step.

We are at the end of my run on this—I'm on main DCU material now. So this was a bittersweet group outing for me.

Yancey stayed overnight in my Hilton room with me. The barn door style bathroom door didn't really shut all the way, but it was still better than the half walls we once had in a cabana in Belize.

I headed to the Anaheim train station on Sunday to head back to Los Angeles. The Pacific Surfliner was standing room only, but the Metrolink came along ten minutes later, and it wasn't even half full.

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William Kendall said...

In your line of work the conventions must be a standard sort of experience. I've been to one here last year, and am thinking of going to this year's, in a few days. They're certainly eye opening!