Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kayaking Liberty State Park

Kraiger and I took the morning off last week and went kayaking in Liberty State Park.

This is free via the LSP Interpretive Center. We went a few years ago, along with Roberta.

We showed up a bit early and chose our Hobies. Kraiger took a paddle one and I took a foot-pedal one. Which I regretted when pedaling hurt like hell, but it turned out the pedals were adjusted for a really short person. One of the interns fixed me up and then things went better.

We kayaked over to the bay by the new golf course, then out to near the Statue of Liberty. We were definitely beyond where we were allowed to go, and when we got back to the launching area, learned the Coast Guard had radioed in and scolded us.

Free kayaking is just another in a long list of reasons I love living around here, even though it's hard for me to sit still.

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