Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cover Girl

One of the reasons I bought an iPad is that I liked the Flipboard app, which compiles your social networking links and friend's posts into a digital reading experience resembling a magazine. Which makes more sense when you see it.

I haven't used it yet, mostly because I've barely used the iPad I bought myself for my birthday. I need to make time to get over the learning hump, and I don't mean for browsing things on it. I want to be able to make things for the iPad, rather than click and scroll around on it.

But yesterday, a friend of mine sent me an iPhone screenshot of his Flipboard app. This is the random image it posted on the cover—I'd posted this on Facebook after seeing my colorist, Paola, who is also my neighbor. I started with her when she was a student and have gone through three salons with her.

Hilarious. I feel like a star.

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