Saturday, September 04, 2010

Vital Reminder

I'm looking at some options for a short-term consulting gig I might take down the road (don't ask...YET), and thinking about Afghanistan, which is smack-dab in the middle of the process I'd be involved in.

Would I really go in? I don't know. I was reading up on local info on the Lonely Planet message boards, and there are perfectly safe parts and absolutely unsafe parts. Khyber Pass, where I was in 1998, sounds unsafe and is out.

But here is the most useful link I stumbled over this morning.

Always cover your butt.


Anonymous said...

The link to the writer's blog at the very end, "my adventures..", her 180 days in 2007 was informative and scary. Wonder how much has changed since then. Don

Linda said...

Nah, you shouldn't go there; you've already been close enough.

But CYA is not a bad policy.

John Bligh said...

Why would you want to go to a backwards place that's so openly hostile to women and westerners in general? They don't deserve your presence.

Marie said...

20 percent literacy. How can you convey messages, like say, be nice to women, if no one can read?

Pville Peg said...

At my job, we have clients who are government contractors who do things in Iraq & Afghanistan (we don't get to know what they do: we just handle their insurance.) I'm working on adding Afghanistan as a covered 'war risk' for a client that is bidding for the first time on a contract which will require them to send a couple people there for just a couple weeks per year. Here's what I learned: you cannot get 'kidnap & ransom' insurance for Afghanistan from the regular insurance carriers (you CAN cover Iraq). You have to go to a special insurance company and pay an unbelievable amount for it.
I vote 'no' to Marie going to Afghanistan.

Marie said...

This one does seem well worth it if someone else were paying.