Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Six or Half-Dozen?

Back in June, I was chatting with a former colleague at a bar. This involved a reunion of colleagues all from Marvel of the eighties and nineties, and also involved Korean karaoke, but that's not important.

What's important is that Dan--the former colleague--told me about a tiny point-and-shoot camera that had the ability to shoot HD video.

My ears perked up. I have a tiny Flip-style video camera that I take along on trips, and it's separate from my regular point-and-shoot. Here was a chance to cut my gadget weight in half.

But it was expensive, and I knew other similar cameras would come out. They have and now I find that I've narrowed it down to a choice of two.

I've been reading and reading... and I just can't decide. There are comparisons here and here and here and here. And plenty of other places.

I just can't decide...

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