Friday, April 21, 2023

Cap and the Soy Burgers

Cap was just thinking of those soy burgers from that fancy restaurant, courtesy of the Austin Chronicle.

The restaurant was Mother's, and it wasn't particularly fancy, unless you were a wide-eyed kid from West Virginia, making a living off working at McDonald's and selling hand-copied cassettes. I knew Daniel Johnston from a day he showed up at the free weekly newspaper in Austin, where I was a college intern in early 1986 (!).

Daniel was obsessed with Jack Kirby and John Lennon, among other things, and I'm not likely to speak in public about the Beatles, but I can hold my own on the topic of comics and Daniel Johnston.

Here is your reminder if you live in NYC--tonight, Friday night, if you're a Daniel fan, come by and see us talk about Daniel at Jung Kim's photo exhibit. The exhibit is up until close of day Sunday and admission is free.

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