Saturday, November 14, 2020

But What About the T-Moulding?

In April, 2017, I bought a small condo near my Burbank office. I paid a flooring company to pull up the tattered old carpet and put down engineered bamboo flooring. The flooring guy didn't put the slats into the walk-in closet. "I didn't measure that so I didn't buy enough," he said weakly. 

He was annoying and I just wanted him to finish and go away, so I said okay and then a few weeks later, went to the flooring place and bought more bamboo slats, and put them in my living room. Where they have sat until yesterday.

Finally, yesterday, I hired a friend's handy-guy to come by and pull out the nasty old carpet and install the bamboo.

Only 3.5 years! I'm so efficient. 

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