Friday, January 13, 2017


Friday. At the Universal City bus stop.
  • A woman of about 60, with long black hair and a cowboy hat, reciting a list of all the people who won't go to heaven. Seems the list includes people who drink coffee, dye their hair, and someone who made Marie Osmond cry.
Sunday. On the Sunset Boulevard bus.
  • Man: People think New York has weirdos. New York's got nothing on L.A. 
  • Woman: It's because this is a sanctuary city. All the illegal aliens take all the jobs.
Monday. On the bus I call the WB express, because it goes over the hill from the metro to Warner Bros in Burbank. 
  • Woman on cell phone: There's no deliverance ministry. Who's gonna get the demons out of the congregation?
And then there was that time a possum was stuck in the middle of Sunset Boulevard. See the sort of things you miss by not taking public transportation? 

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