Monday, December 05, 2016

More Housing Excitement

I have a new electric meter.

I know, I know. Very exciting. But it is!

A few months ago, I called the utility company to find out how to sort out my bill. The guy who comes by to read the meters can see the gas meter because it's outside, but the electric meter is inside in the basement, and it's a total crapshoot on if anyone is home when he shows up. I tried to get someone to come by when I knew I'd be there.

"You know, we can replace your meter with one which can be read remotely," the customer service rep said.


I don't know why this information isn't commonly shared. Had it been in some junk mail I'd overlooked? It cost me nothing. I just had to make sure my friend who went to NYC for his birthday and was staying in my studio could be there during the appointment. He let the meter guy in, and within a half-hour, I'd never have the estimated bill problem again.

"It's done. Also, the meter guy thinks you have the best job in the world."

Thanks to my friend. And uh, thanks to the guy who somehow made small talk about my job, even though I was across the country.

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