Friday, November 15, 2013

It's National Bundt Day!

It's National Bundt Day today, and I have been sadly remiss in my cake-baking duties.

Is it too much work, as it was last year when I was working on the Iron Man Extremis prose novel? Is it like in 2011, when I was in some other country on and nowhere near an oven?

Or is it that I haven't eaten sugar or wheat since mid-August?

It's a combination of #1 and #3, but I wish all of you the happiest of happy Bundt days, and hope you are enjoying some cake since I won't be doing so.

Here are some photos of Bundt days past, and if you are so inclined, you can see the Bundt cake site I started putting together before real life got in the way. 


Ed Ward said...

Yesterday I saw a Bundt pan in the shape of a castle. Seriously. In a hardware store in Austin. Thought of you, but couldn't see making a tunnel of fudge with the thing.

Marie Javins said...

Tough to grease a castle!

Unknown said...

How is the no sugar, no wheat going? Seems like it would be hard to do.

Marie Javins said...

It's not hard when I eat at home, but whenever I'm away at lunchtime, that's tough. I never thought about how much comes on bread or in wraps before. And pasta is out, of course. And white rice.

I'm getting along pretty easy on the no sugar front, but I know it slips in via things like apples and bananas and dairy products. But at least I've cut out a ton of it.

For wheat, I end up with a lot of corn tortillas, and corn is sweet too, maybe. So I'm not a hundred percent. But it's a pretty big change, and while it was initially tough, I've gotten used to it and feel a huge difference. I'm convinced sugar causes ups and downs, and I don't like ups and downs so much. I lost some weight too, but that was just an unexpected bonus, not really something I planned on happening. That was good when my foot was broken and I couldn't really move much.

It seems like at some point, I'm going to have to add in some rice and bread, just so I can eat out once in a while. Oh, and the slow cooker has been a great solution to this since it's winter and hot soup is pretty tasty.