Sunday, October 13, 2013


Trapped in my house by a cinderblock boot, I am slowly going batshit crazy.

Does batshit have a hyphen? she wonders for too long.

Going out is a pain. I can tell you every trip I've taken outside the house since I got this air cast last Monday.

On Tuesday, I drove my car to a lot by the PATH train. I hobbled down the stairs (how do mobility-challenged people get around?) to the platform, no one offered me a seat, and at 23rd Street, I hobbled down, up, over, up, and the three blocks to SVA to teach my class. My students were sympathetic. Several of them had done what I did, which is overdo it after stressing foot bones. I fractured the fourth and fifth metatarsals.

My trips out after that were mostly to move my car or get the mail. One night, I walked across the street to the Italian restaurant with my neighbor Denise. I'm still off sugar, which means no pasta, but I had a delicious steak.

On Friday, I ran some errands in my car. Post office, car wash, gas, laundry, supermarket. But I overdid it, and had to rest all Saturday.

And by rest, I mean sit at my computer and work on various projects. Editing Larry's Captain America book. Lining up interviews for the Spider-Man movie book. Endlessly fiddling with the manuscript on the book I'm rush-packaging.

It's not the worst time to be stuck inside.

But it's driving me nuts.

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Unknown said...

Hopefully you have been to doctor since returning to the US to confirm the nature of your illness and to be sure that you didn't pick up an additional bug along the way. Adventure
Tire travel should be classed as a sport as one does accept numerous risks. I think that being stuck in the alumium tube during air travel to be the worst. I always seem to catch at least a cols from all of the second hand air. Also, many travellers who are otherwise sensible people avoid travel insurance, which is quite risky to be without.
Perhaps you will take on the challenge of travelling as a physically disabled person on one of your journeys. Now that would be an experience worth reading about.