Friday, May 02, 2014

Out West

So what was I doing out in California a few weeks ago anyway?

I was there purportedly for Wondercon, but really just to catch up with my old friends, who I don't get to see very often. And a few new ones. Everyone is busy, and I didn't see them for long, but it was nice anyway.

When I initially booked the trip, I also had some idea that I should try to meet people in case I needed a job. When the company I'd been pulling a freelance (and sometimes staff) check from since 2006 shut down last year, I'd panicked a bit. But plenty of work fell out of the sky, and I got over my initial idea that I'd starve without a traditional job.

Hasn't happened yet, at least, and I've been bumbling by in various forms since I left my Marvel contract in 2001.

I'd planned to dedicate myself to writing my book about living in Kuwait and Cairo for the rest of the year, as soon as I finish up the ART OF book for Guardians of the Galaxy. But again, something fell out of the sky. And this one is going to kick my ass. Curse of the Hippo has to wait. Again.

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