Monday, March 31, 2014

More Bed-Building

That really didn't go too poorly.

All the pieces of the bed came in three heavy packages, which since I live on the 4th floor, meant several trips up and down to get each piece into my spare room. I'd been a bit compulsive about finding the cheapest bed that wasn't particle board and laminate, so I'd actually gotten one made of wood. I found the one I wanted on Amazon, tracked it back to the manufacturer, then found the discounted frames on the manufacturer's eBay store. The frame is unfinished, so I have a day of shellacking ahead of me once the weather is warm enough to keep the windows open. And I'll have to decide how much effort to put into this frame. I'm thinking of reinforcing the joints. It may be that having taken that woodworking class a few years ago has all kinds of unexpected benefits.

All the parts showed up and I put the frame together. I need to get a separate post for the center rail. That's unlikely to survive over the years without a bit of sagging, and while I don't plan to keep this forever, I'd rather my hand wasn't forced in a few years.

But then...problem. I also bought two under-bed storage drawers. One slid together easily and I've put all the sheets in to it and put is under the bed. But the other one had two holes drilled at the wrong place, so the bottom board doesn't slip into the grooves on all four sides, just on three.

I'm tempted to send it back, but that's a hassle. so I've just filled the holes with wood putty and I'll drill new holes in a few days.

I'm unreasonably excited by having an actual bed. It's been a while and I've missed the storage space. And it looks so civilized after my college-dorm look of the mattress on the floor for so long.

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