Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wander Woman Retires

My final post for my Wander Woman column on the Wanderlust UK website went up this morning.

It's for the best, really. I've barely had time to do this lately, and completely forgotten twice, which is mostly related to the hectic work schedule I've kept since I got home from Mexico. I'm often not sure what day it is, just that I need to get up and race through something for one of my freelance jobs.

I will miss it. It's a bit of a pain and the weird time-lapse that came from doing a column a week about trips that I lived every day was a little strange, but it made me still feel relevant to writing travel material. Now I'm back to the Habitrail of life, which doesn't merit being immortalized in words. It IS words. Thousands of them, in Marvel prose novels, Marvel movie art books, children's books about pioneers. Lots and lots of words.

But I'm pretty sure my devotion to the Habitrail won't go on too long. And so I knuckle down.

For now.

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