Saturday, September 22, 2012

Down South

After walking the Triborough Bridge last weekend, I raced home on the train to get my car and drive south. My mother and her husband were on a short holiday to the beach and had made the trip as far north as Millville, which isn't too far from the Cape May ferry to Delaware. I was around there a few years ago when I went to Wildwood.

My 1990 Ford caused me no problems, though we hadn't driven farther than South Orange, NJ, for a couple of years, but the thing that hooks the cigarette lighter into the speaker system seems to have come undone (probably during aggressive vacuuming at the car wash). I was too lazy to crawl around and look, so it was radio-only on the drive.

I stayed overnight on the pull-out sofa bed at the Holiday Inn, and we went for a hike in the morning. Driving around, I missed the days when I had to cover nearly every inch of the state, while researching Best in Tent Camping: New Jersey.

I was home by three on Sunday, ready to prepare for teaching on Tuesday.

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