Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Step

The deed is done.

I cashed in 160,000 frequent flyer miles for a 10-month round-the-world ticket.

I have either one more, or maybe two more stops to add. I can change the dates for free so long as it's 21 days ahead of time, and I have to pay $75 to alter the route.

I do want to alter the route already, but the Continental agents advised I ticket ASAP to confirm the trickiest legs, and then screw around with the route later. And do it once, and well, and then leave it be.

Here's the current itinerary.

Newark-Malaga, Spain. March 1.


Cape Town to Madagascar. June 3.

Madagascar to Bangkok. June 17.

Bangkok to Tahiti. November 17.

Tahiti to New York. November 25.

I'm not really leaving Tahiti on November 25. But the airline on that leg hadn't published its flights for December yet, so we had to get the latest one we could, with the plan to change it as soon as they release those seats. And I'll probably add Fiji or Tonga in between Bangkok and Tahiti, or maybe try to get somewhere in Central America on the way home.

Or...I don't know. I'm tired of looking at all the options. Someone else got any bright ideas? I can't go in reverse, say the fare rules.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marie; For what its worth, I spent a few days in Tonga last Jan. to break a 4 month stay in NZ. I didn't want to bother getting a NZ Visa. Very friendly people but not a lot to see if your not a diver (at 70 my diving days are over) so I would recomend Fiji. I don't recall any of your tours including Hawaii. I'm curently on my last week of a month in Honolulu and am coming back for June, July and August in Kona on the big island. Hawaii is awesom. Just an idea. Ron

Marie said...

Thanks, Ron. That is VERY useful information re: Tonga. I have been a diver in the past, but I would have to get re-certified and I don't even really want to dive. I find that snorkeling is enough for me. Fiji...Fiji it is.