Sunday, September 12, 2010

Snacks, 2001

While contemplating both the nutritional value of bedbugs—(solves the problems of bedbug infestation and world hunger at the same time!) and the disturbing thought that 1) they are nutritious because they are filled with blood and 2) that would be people-blood, giving edible bedbugs something in common with Soylent Green—it occurred to me to re-scan some edible bug photos from 2001.

These bugs were in China, in a small city (Luoyang?) that I was in with Yancey and Turbo and a bunch of Intrepid Travel clients. Bugs are supposed to be good for you. Did I eat them? I admit that I did not. Food allergies, you know.

Bugs. It's what for dinner.

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Don Hudson said...

I am allergic to eating bugs as well.