Friday, June 04, 2010

More Activity Across the Street

Huh, something's going on in that vacant lot that was the kid's playground while the park was closed. It looks like... a miniature golf course???

Let's review. If I walk four blocks north, I'll be at the entrance to the Holland Tunnel. I'm in one of the densest, most diverse cities in the entire country. (I think only Queens is more diverse.) We have established long ago that I'm not terribly good at rural living and that I don't like the kind of life where you need a car to do anything.

What I mean is, I don't live in sort of place that has miniature golf courses.

But that sure looks like a mini-golf course to me.

My curiosity won out over my laziness and I went over to ask "What in the hell are you guys doing?" Okay, I was more polite than that... but YES, it's a mini-golf course!

And of the best kind, actually. It's a functional art project designed to be played, installed from June 24 to Labor Day. Proceeds will go to the Jersey City Museum, which, like everything else, had its funding slashed this year. There's a $75 a head benefit on June 23.

I'm totally impressed. Why sit around and whine about lost funding when you can make a mini-golf course instead? That's thinking.

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