Monday, June 28, 2010

Meanwhile Back on the Ranch

I pulled into JC late Saturday night, dropped my rental car off in the mall parking lot, placed the keys in the night deposit slot, and hoofed it the three blocks home. The weather was appallingly hot and humid, but I'd had a delightful trip up north, visited with several friends, and my houseguests were in a hotel for the night.

Perfect. Or almost perfect. If the deli were still open for me to buy a spinach salad, then it would have been perfect.

Sunday was also brutally hot, but not so hot that I wouldn't leave my house for free food when Roberta asked if I wanted to go to the mini-golf artist's opening.

We headed over, partook of the burgers and free Mr. Softee, and chatted with some of the creators of the mini-golf course.

Here's a look at some of the installations.

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