Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pride Goeth...

I've been researching mattress-buying, which is, as it turns out, a huge pain in the @ss.

There's three big-guys to look at, mid-level brands, and then there's IKEA. Each of the major and mid-level brands has three levels within the brands and then has multiple variants within each level. And nothing has the same branding as anything else just in case you, the consumer, get it in your head that you want to comparison shop. Silly consumer! How dare you think you have any control?

I went to the mattress store in Hoboken on the train this morning and went to Macy's yesterday. Then I walked from Grove Street PATH to get my car. My plan was to go by IKEA and try out their mattresses and then to go by the JC Sleepy's, since JC is what they call an "Urban Enterprise Zone." That means low sales tax in JC.


Drat! Foiled again!

I was standing in front of my garage. I'd totally forgotten that we'd had a snowstorm. I'd been glad to have a garage since it meant I didn't have to dig out my car. Which is good cuz I, uh, don't own a snow shovel.

There was a minor pile of snow in the street in front of my garage. The plows probably left it there.

With visions of spinning wheels, I realized that I wasn't going anywhere in my car.

And turned around and trudged home.

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John Bligh said...

I found mattress shopping about as pleasant as running myself over with my own car. What a giant scam. The only thing I could say is NEVER pay full price, wait for the inevitable sale and get the higher quality model. Your back will thank you.