Monday, February 08, 2010

A Day Out

I'm going to be in Barcelona for a day next week!

Okay, not even a day. I fly in first thing in the morning, spend the day there, and fly on through on Ryanair to a travel writing conference in London that night. And will be gone just for the weekend plus two days, since I have to be back to attend my Flash class on Monday. Oh yeah, and work.

It sounds crazy to go by Barcelona just for a day but I have to see if there are some new clothes that I must buy, and I also am really jonesin' for that thick hot chocolate that they make there.

I'm likely to be jetlagged out of my mind and desperate for sleep, but won't have a hotel room. My bag will be in a locker. I found one of those power napping places where you can nap for a half-hour but I'm thinking a hostel bed will be a better value as they won't throw me out after 30 minutes.

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