Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Fine Uke

A friend of mine sent me an e-mail the other day. "My brother made me a ukelele!"

I demanded a photo of course. I think the strings are inverted but I don't know much about ukeleles. I certainly don't know how you go about making one. But isn't it a lovely piece of work?


Ed Ward said...

Strings look like the regular "my dog has fleas" tuning, but where's the resonator hole? Ukes are loud because of the way they're designed, but unless the top is very thin or some special wood or other material, this doesn't look like it'd be audible.

Word recognition: regro. A retro negro? A new crop?

Marie said...

I think it's electric. Seriously.

Loghead said...

It's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

yeah, it's electric. and the sound hole is on top, which helps the depth of tone and doesn't require cutting a hole in that gorgeous piece of mango wood. it's actually quite loud, even not plugged in, and sounds way deeper than you'd expect of a bass uke. my brother done good.

Ed Ward said...

Okay, it's a *bass* uke? And that's mango wood? Lovely stuff, and not at all protected; I remember the highway in Honolulu having a lane closed because a mango tree was dropping huge bomb-like fruits on the road.

Trying to come up with a use for a bass ukulele, though, and drawing a blank. Fretless, too, I see. Hm.