Tuesday, February 19, 2008

High-Speed Mountain Gorillas

"When you go to see the mountain gorillas in Uganda, take fast film," said my friend Paul before I went off to Africa the first time.

I thought I'd get 800 speed. "No, even faster," he said. So I packed 1600 speed film. I can't remember if I carried it all the way from Berlin or Cape Town, but it was with in the bottom of my pack for a long time.

Even that wasn't enough in the dim jungle, under the canopy. But flashes are a big no-no with the mountain gorillas. Anyway, they didn't turn around and say "Cheese." I'm lucky I got the few blurry shots I got.

Some people—like Paul—take amazing shots at just the right moment. I wasn't so lucky. But blurry gorillas are better than no gorillas at all.

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