Sunday, June 01, 2014

And Still It Grows

I pulled a box labelled "red hard drive, iPhoto, 40 GB" out of my garage a few months ago. Forty GB? Let's move it out.

I got home, opened the box, and crap. Old-style Firewire.

No problem, I thought, I'll just hook up the 23" Apple monitor to my Air. It has the old Firewire outlets.

That's when I discovered the monitor had been powered by the eight-year-old computer I had at the office I'd closed down last year.

I eventually got around to picking up an adapter, and now I'm looking at a 23" Apple monitor as I type this, but for whatever reason, the little red drive that could, can't.

So I put it with the A/C adapter for the even older monitor an annoying man left at my apartment (because leaving ancient computer junk at someone's place is another way of saying you're an asshole). I'd ditched the monitor—which was satisfying because it had a nonsensical platitude on a bit of paper stuck to it, and a dead bug in a transparent leg—but I kept the adapter for the $100 I'll get for it on eBay at some point.

And since I'm cleaning my apartment today (my hair colorist is dropping by tomorrow night after my first day at my new short-term job), I picked up the old Airport station that was sitting in the living room, and added that to the pile. I'm not actually throwing away the red hard drive—yet. First I have to hit it with something and pry it open to get the hard drive out and empty it.

For someone who recently got rid of a lot of e-waste at the county landfill, I sure have a lot of obsolete electronic crap around my house. 

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