Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Joy of Flying

Plane travel is certainly convenient when you consider how long a ship or train takes, but I'm sure we can all agree that the experience of flying, from packing to security to boarding to disembarking and waiting for luggage, is uncomfortable at best and can sometimes even be a humiliating test of endurance.

One of the VERY few pleasures of flying is reading through the SkyMall catalog that you find in the seat pocket on any major airline. The Star Trek "Captain's Chair" seems to have disappeared from the current edition (replaced by King Tut's chair?), but you can still find the the following gems:

Bigfoot the Garden Yeti. Never mind that Bigfoot is clearly not a Yeti due to his geographical location. He's not even real, so shut up with your species talk already!

Porch Potty. This is so that your dog can pee on fake grass, in the house or on your terrace.

And this one is my absolute favorite, because of the videos of the cats pooping in the toilet.

Who says flying isn't fun? There's at least twelve minutes of hilarity on every flight, longer if you're a slow reader!

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Marie said...

Gadling does a whole series of posts on Skymall.

Or so I just discovered while searching for links...