Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friendly Face

On my New Year's trip, I stumbled over a familiar face in a park in Latin America.

I thought back to when I went out of my way to see the Frank Zappa bust in Lithuania. That was easy... I just walked out of my way a little. Viewing Mr. Lennon was much tougher as I was somewhere with expensive taxis and unclear bus service. I knew there was a bus, but had no idea how to find out which bus went where. The guidebook was no help.

But then I studied the map for the double-decker tourist bus. It went about 10 blocks from the statue, so I just hopped-off the hop-on/hop-off bus at the right spot, and trekked on over.

Mr. Lennon kept losing his glasses to souvenir collectors. Now a guard puts them on for visitors, then slips them back into his pocket when no one is nearby. The guard sits on the bench with the statue, which must feel a bit strange.

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