Sunday, March 27, 2016

Daydreaming for Off the Grid

I'm exhausted these days. I'm really not cut out for being in one spot every weekday, and given much of my life has been dedicated to avoiding routine and inter-office dramas, I doubt that surprises anyone reading this. My last job was about making comics from my laptop, sometimes involving circumventing firewalls in police-states. It's hard to go back to the world of meetings and dental insurance. It's hard to to cooperate with others when I'm used to running my own little ship in the world. But we evolve. We learn. It's all part of existing, I suppose.

But I still need breaks. I booked a short Grand Canyon rafting trip for early May. It's to finish up the Canyon. In 2008, I took the trip from Lees Ferry to Bar 10, and now I'm going to fly into Bar 10 and finish up all the way to Lake Mead.

I'm looking forward to it. There's no cell reception or Internet at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Of course, all my gear is in Jersey City. I'll have to bring it back next time I'm home.

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