Sunday, May 17, 2015

Moving in a Rush

Between buying a house, vacating my apartment, and moving to Burbank, I’ve had my hands full.

My last day of the big work project was Monday. And though I don’t need to report to Burbank until 5/26, my friend Yancey needed to get some work on his/my apartment. I had to get out quickly so the floor refinishers could get started.

Initially, I booked them to start on Friday. But then I realized that meant a significant part of the work would happen on Monday, and I’d end up being out of the apartment longer than I wanted to be. I called back Alpine Floors and rescheduled them for Thursday, called Morrissey’s Moving and booked a move for Wednesday, and started packing.

I don’t have much stuff, but somehow, I still have way too much. I wasn’t ready and I had to leave some books, art, and all the kitchen stuff behind, stuffed in closets, the bathtub, the hallway, and in the refrigerator. But the movers got the majority of my furniture into my new house and all the books into my garage.

And now I find myself with a house that needs a scrubbing and a pressing need for replacement tub fixtures for a clawfoot tub from 1895.

There’s a lot going on in my corner of the world.

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