Saturday, July 05, 2014

Trip Planning

I had big plans to spend the summer in Paris, until a temporary editor job poked its head in. But I'm still going to a convention in the UK in August, and taking a normal-human two-week holiday after that.

I'm flying from Heathrow to Budapest, then using trains and buses from there into Romania, finishing up in Bulgaria before flying home via Barcelona.

Here are a few stumbling blocks.

-I arrive early in the morning in Sighisoara, Romania. I'm torn between moving on to Brasov in late afternoon (reasoning I'll have had quite enough Sighisoara by midday and be most keenly interested in napping, and I could use that window of time to sit on the train or bus instead of upending the whole next morning after spending the evening vegging out in a hotel. If I'm just vegging out from exhaustion anyway, shouldn't I do that in the next city instead of wasting the next morning in transit?

-Do I want to spend an afternoon and evening in Bucharest, or two nights in Veliko Tarnovo instead? I have the option of just staying on the train after Brasov and getting more travel done at once, and the border crossing otherwise involves one of these: 1) a 25 euro taxi ride between border cities 2) a late train which wastes the whole day or 3) possibly a shuttle at 10:30, but it's hard to find info so I've e-mailed the operator.

I wonder what I really wrote. Here's what Google Translate gave me.

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