Sunday, July 20, 2014


I've been working the last seven weeks. A lot.

But less than usual. Just...different. Because I'm back working in an office now. My last regular job ended about 14 months ago, when Kraiger and I shut down the New York office of our Kuwaiti company. And at that point, it was just me in the office anyway. Kraiger had left at the end of April, and I was the last staffer standing.

I've worked in plenty of offices, which is why I knew to cut myself slack in the start. I'd be tired, I knew. And boy, was I. The mere act of commuting, sitting in a room and going to meetings, then coming home wore me out.

But I always work a lot. I write books, which is a huge job, but also a solitary job. Mostly. I love writing the Marvel Art of books, because I get to Skype with all kinds of interesting artists and filmmakers, but mostly, I sit alone by the window in front of my computer. That's how books get written.

And now I'm back in an office, at DC Comics until January, when I'll switch back to Art of. The plan was originally for a position less intense, but the job evolved within the first few hours, and now I'm overseeing a project of massive scope.

Which means I work late a lot and I spend a lot of time wondering what happened to all my energy.

I've been eating a lot of broccoli and sweet potatoes and blueberries...things I think are good for me under this circumstance, and I've been getting plenty of sleep. But when I needed to decompress, I found I couldn't.

So I've taken up pottery, which is a ton of fun (though I am dreadful at it). And tonight, I sewed my first bag in a year. The straps are too wide and too long, so I'll have to go to Pacific Trimmings and get more webbing, but the bag itself came out nicely. Making stuff is so fun.

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