Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Day in Prehistory

Mom bought us two tickets to Dinosaur Land while I changed clothes in my car. The entrance and exit are through the gift shop, which still featured fireworks.

In we went, through the fiberglass trees with faces on them. Somewhere there is a photo of me and my family walking through these trees in the early seventies. Nowadays, I'm a bit taller.

Dinosaur Land claims to have 40 dinosaurs, but it's not clear if an octopus, shark, sloth, or giant gorilla counts as a dinosaur.

One thing Dinosaur Land has now that I don't think it had forty years ago is a lot of trees. These set a nice mood and create a wilder experience than the flat, sun-drenched dinosaur parks I've been to in Bolivia and that small country in the Caribbean.

Not all the dinosaurs have fared that well over the years.

But Dinosaur Land is still great. We toured the premises, posed with a few fiberglass friends, and then walked out to the parking lot. Mom headed south towards home, and I stopped in at the 7-11 to guzzle juice and eat peanuts, trying to rehydrate for the four-hour drive north.

More photos here.

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Anonymous said...

Now L.B. , It's one thing to sidle up next to a preying mantis. But it looks like that big monkey has you in the palm of his hand. Oh Nooo....Don M