Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fun with Social Networking

I'm working on bigger and better ideas for using Twitter and Facebook, but I just made dinner with the help of both.

This was an accident. When I posted that I didn't know what to do with the stuff in my fridge, I was joking. I had very little, and what I did have didn't add up to much.

Grapes, carrots, tortillas, strawberries, mushrooms, yogurt, orange juice, and goat cheese. How can I make dinner out of that?

Sounded like the components in the world's worst meal to me. (Disgusting things like fried cicadas and rat-on-a-stick excepted.)

But author Zora (on Twitter) and comic book letterer Janice (on Facebook) set me straight.

"Saute mushrooms with butter to draw out moisture, heat tortilla to soften, then fill with mushrooms and a little goat cheese," posted Janice.

"Carrot salad with spritz of OJ and vinegar and salt. Grate the carrots, like a slaw," tweeted Zora.

Both agreed I should slice the strawberries. Or I think they did. Janice said to macerate them. I don't even know what that means. Zora said to toss them with a teensy bit of sugar and a drizzle of lemon or vinegar. Janice said to macerate them in orange juice. I chose the juice because... well, because of a technicality on Twitter, I didn't see the sugar bit until later. And I stirred a little honey into the yogurt, which was a good suggestion from Janice since this was a cheap yogurt that tasted a little funny.

The result was absolutely delicious. It was the little touches that Zora and Janice just know... the soaking, the butter, the spritz. And now I want to write to them every night for advice. Or maybe at least once a week.

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