Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day After

Wow, that is one nasty purple bruise between my eyes.

The laser felt really strange. My eyes were covered (Doctor, casually: "I'm putting this over your eyes because the laser is toxic to eyes." Me: "WHA--?"), and there was a flash and a puff of air.

"Beautiful. You responded perfectly."

I was filled with pride, though I have no idea what responding perfectly means. The doctor stuck an ice pack on my face for ten minutes, told me to stay out of the sun (I agreed to go to the 6 train and not go above ground again until I switched to a taxi at Grove Street), and had me put on my sunglasses. Not for my eyes, but to hide the giant purple splotch that had appeared instantly where the laser had zapped the blood vessel.

I stared at my New Yorker through my sunglasses on the train. I couldn't really read but I didn't want to meet anyone's eyes. I didn't want anyone to look at me, to see the bruise.

There was no danger of the taxi driver actually looking at me (he was on the phone, of course), and I ran up the stairs to my building without encountering any neighbors. I went straight to the mirror. Eek.

I wish I'd stocked up on more food. I'm not going anywhere for a few days.


Marie said...

Just checked. Still purple. And a little swollen next to it, just under my eyes.

Don Hudson said...

Can't you use some makeup to cover it? A little foundation perhaps?

Ed Ward said...

This is why God gave us take-out. Try that Szechuan branch of the place we ate in the Village! Paying the delivery guy with shades on isn't the weirdest thing he'll see on a given evening, trust me on that.

Swift recovery!

Marie said...

I have three types of make-up that I had optimistically purchased in hopes of covering it.

When the doctor told me I'd have a bruise for a week, I thought she meant y'know, like, a bruise. This is dense, thick... like dark dried blood.

But it's started to redden around the perimeter, to something easier to cover with make-up.

Maybe it's Grand Sichuan pumpkin tonight...