Thursday, January 21, 2010

Short Walk Home

I was at Port Authority, which is a central location for me to meet my pal Marc for a cup of coffee. And since I was there, I took the opportunity to catch a #126 bus to Hoboken so that I could renew my membership at the yoga place I pretend to go to.

(Meaning I go, but not very often and not with much effectiveness.)

After updating my membership, I headed over to the train. Which train? PATH or Light Rail? I don't have a monthly PATH pass until Monday so either one meant paying for a single-journey ticket.

Then I remembered... isn't there a new pedestrian bridge somewhere around here? It connects Hoboken and JC, which are already connected, but in the past the walk was over a kind of desolate post-industrial no-man's land, which eventually turned into Home Depot, Target, and the mouth of the Holland Tunnel. The walk is short but scary even during the height of the afternoon.

I found the bridge and in minutes was across the dead zone and home in JC. And as a bonus, I got to see the small ice rink actually operating. I'd only seen it in summer before.

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