Sunday, January 25, 2009

Puno Parade

Here's a parade I stumbled over in Puno. It was practice for a later festival, and it looked like maybe they needed a little more practice. Some of the revelers looked bored out of their minds.

I'm still looking for a good way to add video to a blog. I tried using the blogger video function--bleh! Then I tried publishing directly from iMovie to YouTube, and it still looked lousy, so now I'm trying to embed a Flash player. Have a look.


Ed Ward said...

Well, this way doesn't work. I got a message that this is a private video and I have to accept your friend request to look at it. I never got said request, and I gather my Facebook friendship of long standing is debased currency in the YouTube world. Sigh.

That said, who ever heard of someone reveling while bored?

Linda said...

Those crinolines would make any square dancer proud!

Interesting justapositions... a bit of a Mardi Gras look, traditional scarves and skirts, heavy coats, someone on a cell phone... I like it.

Amanda Castleman said...

I could see this just fine on Firefox Mac MUCH better quality.

I loved the little kid in red and the hipster chix in black best. Can't imagine that swirly dance step over a whole parade route, though. People must get motion sick...