Friday, February 08, 2008

Bad Timing

Yesterday, I got an electric bill for $189 for the past month.

Today, at ten minutes of eight in the morning, the window guys showed up. Too late for the December and January electric bills, but in plenty of time for February's. I could have waited for a coupon--the window company regularly sends out discount offers--but who knew when the next coupon would arrive?

They started hammering the ancient windows out while I winced at the thought of any sleeping neighbors. They climbed out into the airshaft, four stories up, leaned against the brick building next door, and ripped out the old sashes.

I couldn't look. I'm afraid of heights, even when it's not me looking down. I just worked at my laptop and tried not to think about the risk two men were taking 40 feet away.

About an hour later, I had--or rather Yancey had as I'm only renting here--three brand new windows. Great! I paid the workers and calculated how much rent I'd owe next month with the window cost taken out.

Then, at about two in the afternoon, I got a coupon in the mail from the window company. "25% off already low prices! Order now!"



Marie said...

Oh, and for those wondering why my electric bill is so high... my heating here is from electric baseboards. It's not that I'm leaving my toaster on 24/7.

Marie said...

It's freezing in NY/NJ tonight. Thank goodness the new windows are in.