Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Brave or Just All Used Up?

The young man who used to try to short-change me daily at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf now brings me my coffee at my table. I optimistically theorize that he respects that I've learned the currency, not that he's spitting in my coffee after I snarled at him over ten pounds the second time he did it.

And in the coffee shop where I was uploading files, the young Egyptian waiter playfully mocked my pronounciation of croque monsieur.

"Croak Mons-your?" He laughed. "It's croque monsieur, Madam."

Bring me one, whatever it is. And a mango juice, while you're at it.

Then a bellhop in an elevator yesterday said "This is not your first time in Egypt, is it? Do you know how I can tell? You are not scared."

Maybe I'm adjusting. Or maybe they're just mistaking exhaustion for confidence. Not necessarily exhaustion at Egypt. Just your average everyday run-of-the-mill burn-out. But yesterday, I laughed that the laundry man ironed my jeans and returned them on a hanger wrapped in plastic. Maybe there's hope for enthusiasm after all.


Marie said...

They iron your clothes in Uganda too, but there is it to avoid the mango fly laying eggs in them. Here I think it might just be for spiffiness.

Don Hudson said...

Are you adjusting, exhausted or just Jaded?

Marie said...

All of the above, I reckon.