Monday, January 08, 2007

Devil Mart

I'm still sick, but I needed supplies so I ran down to the supermarket on the corner. It's Key Food on Avenue A, pricier than the supermarkets on Avenue C, but it's around the corner and I feel like dirt so I didn't want to walk any farther.

I picked up a few things--some soup, cereal, yogurt, and the kind of milk I'm not allergic to. I went to the "10 Items or Less" line.

The cashier, a young woman, rang up my purchases as I placed them in my cloth bag (I try to avoid plastic bag collections, though it's kind-of impossible).

"That'll be..." (gasp)

I looked up from my bagging duties. What could be of concern?

"Si..." She couldn't finish. Her eyes did not meet mine. They looked down.


I laughed.

"The yogurt of the beast," I said.

She nervously looked the other way. Pity I hadn't purchased Devil Dogs or devil's food cake. I took my satanic groceries and left.

Maybe I should stick with Avenue C from now on.


Matt said...

I made some beer with marijuana once that ended up being 6.66% alcohol. Called it the beer of the beast. Good fun.

Good luck with the cold.

Marie said...

He's joking of course. He made beer with mint in it.

David Wohl said...

I wonder if she has trouble looking at the clock at 11:34.

Hell time.

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